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    Past & Present Cats


" SC. GIC. Beaubell's Kristian of Granat JW. DSM "

Shown in the Czech Republic

Finished 2014 Show Season National 2nd Best Kitten & 3rd Best Cat

World Show Vienna 2016. Nominated Best in Show.





GC. RW. "Beaubell's Vanity Fair"

Regional 4th Best Kitten and Best Brown Tabby & White Bi Color Persian

One Show Grand. Regional BW

Dam of GC. RW. Beaubell's Boson



GC. RW. "Beaubell's Parody"

Regional BW.   2nd Best of Breed & Color



GC. "OMC Typhoon of Beaubell"

2 Show Grand - Shown in Hong Kong



GC.  "Beaubell's Boudro"

Shown in Hong Kong




"Beaubell's Firecracker Kisses"



CH. "Remu-Martin Ollivander of Beaubell"



"GC. Beaubell's Ducatti"




CH. "Fare Niente Alegria of Beaubell"

NW. GIC. Beaubell's Stetson of Fare Niente

GIC . Fare Niente Jewel

Grand Pointed








"CH. Beaubell's Bacchus"

Grand Pointed



CH. "Beaubell's Bolero"

Grand Pointed


"Beaubell's Charlie Chaplin of FelineKat"

Best Kitten in Show - Brazil



"GC. Beaubell's Key Largo of Gemkin"

aka "Darcy"

Our 1st export to the United Kingdom




GC. RW. "Beaubell's Marco Polo"




GC. "Beaubell's Sedona of Chanteq"

Shown in Malaysia




CH. "Fare Niente La-Belle of Beaubell"

NW. GIC. Beaubell's Stetson of Fare Niente

NW. JW Fare Niente Traviata





GC. "Beaubell's Ms. Beauty of OMC "

Shown in Hong Kong




CH. "Beaubell's Anasazi"

Grand Pointed



"Beaubell's Watts Toulouse"



CH. "Gemkin Aria of Beaubell"

Sire: Grand Champion. Beaubell's Key Largo of Gemkin

Dam: Grand Champion Quartet Inspiration




GC. "Beaubell's Scarlet Ribbons"

Shown in Indonesia







"Beaubell's Anja"








GC. "Beaubell's B ~ My Guest of OMC "

Shown in Hong Kong

2 Show Grand




"Beaubell's Champagne Charlie"

Showing in Brazil




GC. RW.  "Bubblicious"

Regional BW.

Dam of GC, RW Beaubell's Marco Polo




GC. RW.  "Pale Ryder"

One Show Grand in 5 rings @ 8 months old





"GC. Beaubell's Angelina of Remu-Martin"

Showing in Czech Republic

One Show Grand



GC. RW. "Buttons'N Bows"

Regional BW



"Beaubell's Chandler"





CH.  "Beaubell's Macy Grey"

Shown in Hong Kong




"Beaubell's Pretty Boy Floyd"






CH.  "Lyric"




"Beaubell's Quartermaine"

Showing in Hong Kong





GC. "Beaubell's Jelly's Last Jam"

Two Show Grand



GC.  "Rapsadie in Blu"



GC.  "Beaubell's Heart on Her Sleeve"


GC.  "Top Hat'N Tail"




GC.  "Beaubell's Lamplighter"




GC. "Beaubell's Scandalous"

Scandals made many, many Best Kittens




CH.  "Beaubell's  Sweet Georgia Brown"

Shown in Hong Kong



"Beaubell's  Renoir "

Shown in Brazil


CH.  "Beaubell's  Lolo Hot Springs"

Shown in Hong Kong


CH.  "Beaubell's  Prima Donna"

Shown in Malaysia





CH.  "Beaubell's  Charlie Biggs"

Shown in Hong Kong



"Beaubell's Moonlight Kisses"

Shown in Taiwan






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